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Let Onyx Security Customize A Plan To Meet Your Security Needs!

In many ways, your frontline customer service and security personnel are the face of your organization. They interact with the employees
in your building, the guests who visit your facility and the customers that pass through your retail store. Onyx Security is dedicated to 

providing a reliable and unparalleled experience in your security and frontlineservice ventures. Our formula of superior executive-level
client service and expertly trained personnel has been proven in some of the busiest, most challenging areas in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Onyx Training Academy (OTA)
Let Onyx Training Academy Meet Your Professional Training Needs! 

Private security professionals seeking certification or re-certification can now take advantage of the Commonwealth of Virginia's most
 training facility to expand their knowledge. When you enroll in one of OTA's Division of Criminal Justice 
Approved (DCJS) certification or recertification courses, you have access to first class instructors and equipment that you can 
anywhere else

All courses are led by our DCJS- certified instructor. DCJS certified school #88-2048.

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